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Writing in The Italian kicthen


Ok, so I’m not going to sleep on this trip…fine by me. I’ve just doubled up on the air borne, washing my hands and thank the good Lord for my niece, as she is the reason I stop every afternoon and take a breather while she naps.

First things first: Florence in June.

I’m not going to lie to you. It’s hot. High of 98 degrees for the past few days and it’s also muggy. Bring on the humidity. Those who live in the South East of the States can appreciate this kind of heat. Also because Florence is on a river and it’s humid….you guessed it. There are mosquitoes galore. So it’s hot and I’ve got bug bites and I’m not sleeping because I’m too excited.

And I don’t give one good damn.

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Buongiorno Florence

CYMERA_20160626_233924So here I sit, 5:30 am, an Italian Kitchen in Florence Italy. I can’t sleep and sure a bit of it is jet lag, but a bigger part is just excitement. I’m wired to not sleep when I’m doing things like this, when I’m on adventures like this. Case and point, my most recent trip to Hawaii in December, I was supposed to be on a sort of second honeymoon. Yeah, didn’t sleep much at all there. Wish I could add a wink wink nudge nudge to that comment, but the reality was I was too excited to sleep. The worry I might miss something hung in the air and I was up at 4:45 every day. Ready to explore and experience.

So sleep is for the weary and I’m not quite weary just yet.

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