Nicole Sharp Writes, Nicole Sharp author, Nicole SharpWelcome! I’m the Nicole Sharp of Nicole Sharp Writes. (Catchy huh?)

Before I published my books, this website was where I shared all my writing and thoughtful reflections on Italy, life, writing, and coffee. Not necessarily in that order.

I’ve been writing since I was twelve, for real. Always driven to recreate and savor everything I saw, tasted and heard in this world.

Let’s see, what should you really know about me?

I am a purveyor of world travel and the perfect Cappuccino. A search that will never be over because there are too many places I’ve yet to visit.

I have a fancy Bachelors in History. (Think Romans and Greeks.) Why didn’t I take English in College if I always wanted to be a writer? History had much, much better stories.

I’ve spent the past hundred years traveling, creating a mountainous stack of writing, finding myself, writing, drinking coffee, traveling, getting married, writing, and having a baby. And writing.

I have four faithful readers (apart from my mom) who call my writing engaging, relatable and funny. I hope you find that too.

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I am currently drinking a cappuccino that I made myself in my own home without a fancy machine. I talk about them a lot.

I. Love. Moose. I’m not kidding. Read all about why here.  My life is littered with moose paraphernalia.

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I’m glad you’ve found my world. I write to entertain. I hope you find some of that value here.