The Books

La Bella Luna (a standalone book)Diana never anticipated that a trip to Italy would turn her whole world upside down. From the moment she steps onto Italian soil, and falls deeper into Italy’s culture, countryside and cuisine, she reconnects with the ghosts of her past and reignites passions she thought had long been extinguished – proving that life and love are full of phases.

Let it Snow  (A Christmas novella) – Avery Dean is not enchanted at being snowed in on a last-minute job assignment in the small town of Eden, Colorado at Christmastime. But when she stumbles upon handsome Nick Hall and a secret turn of the century love story, well…maybe things aren’t all that bad. Let it snow!

A Simple Avalanche (Book 4 in the Simply Trouble Series) –Cassandra Dodd and her boyfriend, CIA Agent Benjamin Stills, are escaping on a well-deserved, romantic vacation. But when an avalanche inadvertently embroils them in an unexpected mystery, it’s a race against time as they dig through an insurmountable mountain of hidden history to save their lives before the snow is cleared.

Worth the Trouble (Book 3 in the Simply Trouble Series) – Carlo Moretti, an Italian intelligence officer, is asked to look after Doct Alessandra Salvatore, a co-worker’s sister. It’s a simple babysitting job that turns out to be a hell of a lot more complicated than he ever imagined.

Simply Protocol (Book two in the Simply Trouble Series) – Cassandra Dodd can handle her heartbroken sister currently residing on her sofa, the CIA surveillance team parked in front of her apartment, and her overbearing mother constantly texting her. But handling the handsome Agent Stills who’s ignited a slow burning attraction…well that’s not so easy.

Big Trouble in Little Italy (Book one in the Simply Trouble Series) – Swept from her humdrum life in Southern California to the breathtaking backdrop of Italy, 32 year-old Jessica Dodd must tread the perilous waters of dealing with her lying fiancé, a rekindled attraction to an estranged husband, and the inconvenience of being kidnapped.

The Italian Holiday (A standalone book)– Keats McCall is Italy bound for Valentine’s Day, but not for romantic reasons. She just wants to escape the daily humdrum of her life. Keats expected to spend her days meandering the rain-soaked cobblestone streets of Florence. What she didn’t expect was Lorenzo, who smells of espresso, Italian history and self-assurance, to propel her on an unimaginable journey