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Please welcome back to the stage…Rejection

Two rejected grant applications have wandered their unwanted way into my mailbox. This past Friday found the arrival of the second rejection.

So, how have I been handling it? Not well. Rejection, whether it’s the first one or the thousandth, hurts.

And sucks and makes me feel bad and I spiraled and quit because what’s the point and and and…

And if you’ve been reading, you’ve noticed a difference in my determination this year. Well, I will admit that there has been a shift in my depression demeanor as well. Is that a thing?

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Challenging the writer…

1-1234699141PRLFI haven’t written in a while because recently a good friend rocked my world. I wish the format had been a stash of green backs lovingly placed on my table before myself with the instructions, “spend it on travel and luxuries.”

Alas, no.

My friend placed on the altar before me an honest review.


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