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For art sake…

Art for the sake of art. In Latin it’s: Ars Gratia Artis. That’s the motto of MGM, if you look at their logo of the roaring tiger, above his head is a ribbon with those words written across it.

I’ve always loved that idea. Art for the sake of art.

As a writer, my art, the moment I know I’m creating art, is when the world falls away. Once that happens, when I’m in the thick of a story, skies open up, the sun twists and turns; I own the light and the stars and the shadows. I allow the elements to frame what I’m doing in just the right way. That’s when my art comes alive for me. That’s when I’m writing for the sake of writing.

Art however…oh art for the sake of art. Not for the almighty dollar, not for the fame, the notoriety, but to make tangible the way an artist sees the world. I love that.

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Freaks in Alleys

Ars Gratia Artis.

A few things. I took Latin in High School. I did it because no other language interested me. Spanish so I could actually communicate with another human being that is alive today? No thanks, give me the dead language please. Honestly, I took Latin because it called to me, because they didn’t offer Italian at school and it was as close as I could get. I also took it because there was so much history that went with the class. As a person who has a degree in History (emphasis on Antiquities, Greeks and Romans) I loved Latin class.
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