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I awoke up on this icy, snowy December morning, tripped to my stove-top espresso maker and made my coffee of choice. Bleary eyed a part of me shuffles through the house to open all the blinds and let the morning in. Then I find myself once again at the stove, finishing the dance that has become second nature when it comes to making myself a morning cappuccino.

Gas fireplace lit, settled finally on the sofa with my laptop, I check email and then the news.

And since that first Tuesday in November, it seems like every time I check the news, the continuation of the shit storm brought on by in the incompetence of the orange monster in the golden tower, knows no bounds.

And I, like many, sit in the comfort of my home and scream “Are you Fucking kidding me?!”

And it’s getting old, isn’t it?

And Christmas is coming.

And I went out last night and saw an amazing musical put on by a local theater that I didn’t even know was here in my little corner of the world (Bad Nicole!).

And I have relatives coming for the Holidays.

And I’m still angry as hell.

And I’m trying to find a balance between living my life and not accepting the bullshit in these uncertain times. Continue reading

Let’s talk…


Peace FlagsHi, hey hello. I’m talking to you, you beautiful Human!

How you doing? You okay?

Been a rough week huh? Shaken to your very core maybe?

Yup, but listen. Someone recently said four words with such conviction that I am on fire. My anger is dissipating and I find myself rolling up my sleeves.

Okay, listen to me you AMAZING person.

First, let’s breathe. Deep breath. Breathe in the hope and the power of your personal self and breathe out the fear.

Do that again. Do it a few times. I’ll wait.

Great! Now listen to me.

We are going to be okay. (Those weren’t the words that got to me.)

These were: I HAVE A PLAN!

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