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Challenging the writer…

1-1234699141PRLFI haven’t written in a while because recently a good friend rocked my world. I wish the format had been a stash of green backs lovingly placed on my table before myself with the instructions, “spend it on travel and luxuries.”

Alas, no.

My friend placed on the altar before me an honest review.


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I’m From…

pen-and-paperI used to participate in writing groups. It wasn’t my thing. I mean, it was my thing, but I never connected with the people I met. I want to be part of a writing group, there is a need to connect with others and spend time ruminating the ins and outs of character and plot and storyline and humanity and life and love and…well…the heart of it is that when it comes to writers and their writing groups; finding the perfect group is an exercise in finding your tribe. The place you belong.

I have not found my tribe of writers.


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