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To Bemoan….

I have been known to bemoan the writing process. Well not all the parts of the process. I love the writing. Sitting in my own space, creating strangeness. Creating characters. Creating extensions of myself. Getting lost in the story. Love it.

Now, the editing. I can deal with that. It’s not always easy. But getting to the editing is the hardest part. Once I begin, I can see the forest a bit more clearly and have a better understanding of what can remain and what most go; all in the name of conflict and story arc and stuff like that.

Outside the scope of sitting down to a pen a paper, a computer…the business side of it…that shit I bemoan.

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Challenging the writer…

1-1234699141PRLFI haven’t written in a while because recently a good friend rocked my world. I wish the format had been a stash of green backs lovingly placed on my table before myself with the instructions, “spend it on travel and luxuries.”

Alas, no.

My friend placed on the altar before me an honest review.


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