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The Road

20131206_142723I’ve been thinking about the open road. You see, it’s spring in my little corner of the world. The snow is melting and in another life I would be getting ready to take off. Trying to figure out how to mooch a ride off a friend, or where the cheapest plane ticket could get me, or what sofa of what friend would welcome me for a time before I outstayed my welcome.

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Maui Meanderings…

140I recently went to Maui for seven days and seven nights.

I didn’t know if I would like Hawaii. With the history degree that I have, I adore immersing myself in the lands of the ancients. The land where history is from. And for me, that land is Europe. (Super side note: if you’ve ever seen Eddie Izzard, he says it best. “I grew up in Europe. Where the history comes from.”)

I studied antiquities in college.  You know, Romans and Greeks. So it’s always been that I long for Europe in a way that has seeped into the fabric of my soul and driven me on my gypsy adventures. Continue reading

Southern Lights…

My beautiful picture

By Grandpa Sharp

My life is bookmarked by the country. You see, I grew up in small Georgia town and now I find myself living in Idaho. (Look, when you tell people you live in Idaho, they automatically think small town, and compared to the New Yorks’ and Los Angeles’ of the world, it is small town.)

There is a childhood I spent in Southern California, but otherwise, I’ve always been a country girl at heart. John Cougar Mellencamp sang my theme songs, blue jeans and a t-shirt were my comfy clothes, and wide open spaces with drawn out sunsets have been my badge of courage.

And yet, in small town Georgia and now in Idaho, I am still big city.

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