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The coming war among the stars…

20150907_093130I married a Star Wars lover and because of that or by process of osmosis or the Force; that love has seeped into my blood.
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Freaks in Alleys

Ars Gratia Artis.

A few things. I took Latin in High School. I did it because no other language interested me. Spanish so I could actually communicate with another human being that is alive today? No thanks, give me the dead language please. Honestly, I took Latin because it called to me, because they didn’t offer Italian at school and it was as close as I could get. I also took it because there was so much history that went with the class. As a person who has a degree in History (emphasis on Antiquities, Greeks and Romans) I loved Latin class.
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There is nature in my backyard…

The snake hissed angrily. A large striped, unwanted fiend that was attempting to take up residence. Across from the snake, the dog stood growling, a rabid monster ready to pounce.

I slowly backed from the slithering beast to take hold of the dog. He balked as my fingers dug in, twisting a hand full of the matted fur in case I had to hold him back.

The taunting tongue of the tempter of Eve sickeningly hissed; mockingly. The dog’s chest rumbled with anger.
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The dream from the 80s

My first personal word processor

My first word processor, I was so proud of this baby.

So the thing about writing is that I decided years ago that I kinda had something to say. And when you decide that you kinda have something to say, you kinda want others to read what you’ve written. And for other’s to read what you’ve written you kinda wanna get published.

So I started half assed, at the fresh age of 24, after my proverbial ‘coming out of the writings closet’, to try and get published.
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