20160506_070233-1I talk about the early morning hours a lot. It’s because I love them so much. I’ve finished with the planting of flowers and setting up my porch so I can move in for the coming summer season. I find myself awake two hours before I really HAVE to be awake so I don’t miss the sunrise.

I haven’t always been a morning person. I do tend to get so excited and enthralled by the smallest things that I’ve often just forgone sleep so I can be a part of life. I reveled in the night as much as I do the days. In my youth, when it was just me and my gypsy spirit, I toted the wonders of the late nights with the same gusto. I was a night owl then, but as life happens and I have the kid now, I’ve had to adapt and change a bit and now find myself a creature of the morning.

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