cropped-coffee.jpgI wrestle with what I write.

I’d like to say that it’s not a physical wrestle, but sometimes I do tend to get a bit physically involved with my words. My stomach churns, my head aches, my skin itches…am I doing this right? Is there a right way to do this writing thing?  Why so many rejections? Why so many publications? It’s totally okay to find my own voice and own it…right?

So I struggle sometimes The biggest struggle for me is what I write. I’m not Faulkner and I don’t try to be, but are my words less because I’m not writing The Great American Novel? Somedays I can own it like a champ. Other’s, I hide under the sheets and don’t feel like writing.

Over the 4th of July week, I caught a segment on PBS that shot straight into my soul and helped me hold my head a little higher. It helped straighten my spine. Jennifer Weiner read an essay, sharing her thoughts on chick lit and where that genre stands in this day and age. I thought I would share it.

I pasted the transcription below as well as the link if you would like to watch Ms. Weiner reading her essay: Continue reading