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Autumn inspiration


Each fall I dredge up an old post about autumn and the time I lived in Colorado and re-post it. I can’t help it. This crisp weather that has descended on my little corner of the world catches my breath first thing in the morning. I’ve moved my sweaters from the back of my closet to the front. Every trip outside results in a staccato crunch of leaves under my fee. It all puts me in that reflective fall mood where moments of my past swirl about and meet up with dreams of my future. Continue reading

Fall ing

fall in boiseIt has been a quiet week in my little corner of the world. Fall has finally won the battle over summer. Finally cool crisp mornings greet me and tuck me in the past few days. The leaves take turns breaking free from their trees and float down on the gentle breeze. Shades of gold, red, orange and green leaves give one last spectacular twirl and help define autumn as they grace lawns, streets and hillsides.

This fall weather has put me in a fine mood, I do some of my best writing when it’s cold outside. When it’s warmer, I would rather take part in outdoor activities, but with the cold, well, I just want to curl up and write.
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