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Playing at the writing thing…

So, I was at coffee with an artist friend and the conversation bent toward our art, as it usually does when two or more artists are gathered. The conversation moved toward the question of ‘why do this?’ The answer has been several different things for each of us over the years, but one true theme seems to have stuck. There seemed to be one answer we could both agree on: We “art” because we have to.

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The most fun…

Woman at a Typewriter

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I can’t sleep. There is a hum of excitement that is building. It’s in the air, in my dreams, itching at my skin. Tickling my fingers. I do believe I’m as giddy as a school girl. As jumpy as a first time roller coaster rider. As excited as a child as the sun sets on Halloween.

Why so excited?

Because at midnight on Halloween, you will find me, fingers splayed across my keyboard as the quest to write a book in a month begins.

I’m getting excited for National Novel Writing Month, Nanowrimo.

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