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It’s day 7 of Nicole’s Virtual Favorite Things! Not sure what’s going on? Start here.

I don’t know about you, but I spent many of my evenings this past year soaking in the blue light of my television. A good show has the power to keep your attention and transport you to another life. There were many different lives we all lived vicariously through this past year. Here’s a few of our favorite.

Netflix series! They seem to go on forever and take my mind off the mayhem going on in the world. 

(*Note: I came across this random Netflix trick. They have a code for each of their categories. You can find a list of codes right here. Then, you go to www.netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX. Those X’s are where you put the code you want to explore. It’s just a fun little trick.)

Schitt’s Creek and The Office.

Billions, Mad Men and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel . All binge worthy in my opinion, and yes, I did!!

Amy B.: 
I binge watched The 100 series with my daughter Sophia. We are about to start the last season 7. Wow, it’s taken us 8 months for 6 seasons!

The Great British Bake Off. I discovered this show this year and I just love how supportive and genuinely nice these people are – a far cry from those competitive, mean cooking shows that are out there. It’s a feel good show packed with cakes, pastries, breads and all kinds of wonderful comfort food. What’s not to love? 

I like scary movies, but only if someone watches with me.

-Any movie adaptation of a Jane Austen novel. I can watch them over and over, especially while I’m working. They just center me. 

-I would meet with my four sisters and my mom once a week via zoom and watch a movie together. We would spin a wheel to see who got to pick the movie and there were some real doozies. 

(*Note: you too can watch shows with your loved ones at the same time. Netflix has a Netflix Party option!) 

New Tricks. This is a British TV show we found on Amazon Prime. There are 12 seasons and we got such a kick out of the story of these old guys, retired police officers, who are back to work on cold cases. They use old tricks that don’t always fly in today’s world. 

Schitt’s Creek, I can’t stop watching this show. It’s amazing!

-The movies I watched this year tended to have quirky characters all on a journey.  My favorite were The Fundamentals of Caring and The Peanut Butter Falcon. 

-Outlander. Outlander. Outlander. I started the whole series over again. Oh, falling in love with James Frasier for a sixth time…insert deep sigh of longing here.

30 Rock. I also re-watched all of 30 Rock. Elizabeth Lemon is my hero!

-I watched every concert the Indigo Girls did live on Facebook. That was a very cool thing to be able to watch.

*A few things:  

-It’s Schitt’s Creek for the win! So many had it on their favorite list, I thought I would throw out one of my favorite facts about the show.

Before shooting, O’Hara would look over Moira’s dialogue and trade out conventional words with more unusual bon mots. “I have a couple of books that have arcane and archaic words that nobody’s ever heard, and it’s fun to play with my dialogue a bit and… accessorize with a few of those words,” O’Hara told Entertainment Weekly. Those books included Foyle’s Philavery: A Treasury of Unusual Words and Mrs. Byrne’s Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous

(You can purchase those two books….if you have the money. Foyle’s Philanvery runs $375. However, Mrs. Byrne’s Dictionary is a little more feasible at $65. But a FREE and fun way to immerse yourself in Moira Rose’s vocabulary is to check out this Instagram page where, among other things, they’ve done a “word a day of Moira.”)

IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes both have sections on their website called “what to watch”, just in case you are looking for suggestions.

-If you want to leave it up to the fates of the interwebs, the website Reel Good has a Netflix Roulette game. They’ll tell you what to watch next. 

-Billboard has a running list of Livestream and Virtual Concerts going on. 

What was your favorite shows for watching this year? 


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  • Mel

    Hey Niki…Schitt’s Creek was probably my favorite series for sure and the Great Bristish Bake Off was second. Great tips here thanks!!! Fun to see what everyone’s watching:)

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