To the Witch


Have you seen this quote rambling around the inter-webs?

“We are the granddaughters of the witches you were never able to burn.” – unknown

I came across it for the first time yesterday. I read it, then re-read it and a swoon threaten. Put this phrase down in the book of “Things I Wish I Had Written.”

However, overnight this phrase had time to  marinate.

I dreamed of broomsticks and witches hats. Of strong women wrongly accused of being successful in healing arts where men failed. Of cauldrons and eyes of newt. Of bra burnings and rights to vote. Of potions and spells.

The writer in me reveled in story lines short circuiting my brain. All because of one quote.

The historian in me skimmed through the annals of the past and mapped out a thesis based on the quote.

And amid the mad rush of a smile that curved my lips, the current state of the world lit this phrase, dismissing the coming smile.

We’re still condemning witches, still lighting torches to hunt them. Still scared and ignorant of the unknown.

This one phrase is loaded. Burdened with past transgressions. But, it is also heavy with hope. The witches of today have daughters and granddaughters too.

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