Tiny victories…

participantLife is made up of small victories. I know a thousand people have said that in a thousand different ways over the years. From philosophers to poets to dietitians.

And it seems to me, just as it must have seemed to all those that have come before, that if all we did was celebrate the big, great, monumental moments in our lives, we would then have a very dim outlook on the world as we waited for life to happen in large boisterous booms. So might it not be more prosperous than, to attempt to celebrate the little moments? To be awed by the building of that monument instead?

In this vein of thinking, I would like celebrate my moment yesterday, my tiny victory.

Here’s what happened. I had a nice article published in Idaho Magazine, and I’m proud of it not only because I wrote it and because it’s published (the end goal of a writer’s life that propels us forward in our endeavors) but because the process from beginning to end was so organic and genuinely all mine.

20160124_084108I was interviewing an awesome man named Jodi who has the very cool Steampunk themed coffee and tea bike called ST{r}EAM. Jodi told me about some of his favorite locations in Boise that he’d set up, one of them being a cool old fireplace that was the oldest outdoor living site in Boise. Well, that site just happened to be part of one of my favorite antique shops called Enchanting Objects. I decided to write about this place and asked the lovely proprietress what information they had on the location and if I could write a story about them. After a brief conversation with two bits of information to go on, I dove down the rabbit hole.

It was awesome.

I have a history degree, you see, which I used directly after my college graduation working in an archive in Colorado. Those years of history classes and archive work has helped me become pretty apt in research, which I must admit I love and don’t get to do much of on a daily basis.

So there I was. In the deep end once again; in the bowels of researching those that once lived in the house turned antique store. Happily, a great little story unfolded. There was so much wonderful information there that I decided to pitch the story to Idaho Magazine.

And here we are. It’s a little victory in my writing world, a strange path to be sure. But there is pride in this end product that is authentically my own.

Of course this opens up the philosophical questions in which I must wonder, if there was no Mr. Edward J. Frawley in the first place, there wouldn’t have been a story. And maybe that house wouldn’t be a perfect location for Enchanting Objects. And if I had never had that history teach sophomore year who instilled a love of history in me perhaps I wouldn’t have gone in the direction I have…we’re all ripples, that’s for sure.

Back to little victories. I just wanted to thank Lesli and Lori, the owners of Enchanting Objects and two amazing women for all their support, information, and willingness to let me run with this story. And for the little meet and greet party they threw for me yesterday! I truly enjoyed myself.

Enchanting Objects
Photo by Michele Tomlinson

And thank you Michele Tomlinson, for making me jump in a cold lake on the first of the year…I mean, for taking amazing pictures of the property and her husband Tom, good friend, good groupie!

And you, reading this blog entry, thank you for continuing to read my daily ramblings and musings.

Now go forth and celebrate those little moments!

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