I’ve said it before, and it’s been said my many others in some very wonderful ways, but writing is a lonely pursuit. It isn’t often writers open their doors to others and invite them in to look at a project until it’s been through 3, 4, or 54  revisions.

But sometimes, I have these moments where I tickle myself with a phrase, a page or a simple paragraph.

Thought I would share todays ticklish moment with you.

The gist of the scene is this. Our heroine has just landed in Milan and needs to get to a swanky villa in Lake Como  and she decided to take a taxi because it’s the fastest route possible.


I learned a few things on my trip from the airport in Milan to the city of Lake Como.

Largo is the word for lake.

“Bastardo” can be screamed at heavy traffic as needed even if all the windows are rolled up, as long as you wave your hands dramatically at the offending car and honk the horn to create a sort of symphony in accompaniment to the scream, “Bastardo!”

I’m pretty sure the Italian word for fuck is “minchia”.

Just because someone tells you it’s going to be about an hour ride to your final destination, they apparently didn’t take into consideration flying at speeds comprehended only in the movies Fast and the Furious.

I learned that “caro” means expensive, “molto caro” means really fucking expensive. And the damn Villa d’Este is not the butthole of Como I had hoped it would be, but is rather, “bellissima.” Really molto molto bellissima.


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