My procrastination has a first name, it’s O S C A R…

scarletHello procrastination, how are you? What’s it been, a week, two? Oh that’s right, dishes three days ago, we kept away from those in rare form, didn’t we? What was it? Cleaning out the bathroom drawers to keep from doing dishes, that’s right. Kind of a lame move, but hey…what are you going to do. I realize you weren’t feeling well. Weren’t at the top of your game. How is your cold? Good, so glad to hear you’re feeling better.

So what should we do today?

Oh, what am I procrastinating from? The first fifty my friend. 50. 5-0. First fifty pages to send to ye old agent who requested them. And the query letter. And the synopsis. Gave myself the date of this coming Sunday.

What’s that? Tomorrow is Sunday? I know, that’s why we’re here together once again.

I have it mostly done, but not really done.

Your right, we haven’t weeded the part of the yard that no one ever sees in a while. And you’re right the socks aren’t organized. I know, I know; that button box isn’t going to sort itself out.

Why did I call upon you? Oh, I went to a little writing conference over the weekend and had a grand ol time filling my head with possibilities and one of the agents I pitched my book to wants to see the first fifty pages, query letter, synopsis. So, short of self-sabotage, I did most of the work this week, but need to put finishing touches and click that ol’ send-aroni icon. Button? Button sounds better, but isn’t it really an icon? Hmmmm.

I know the agent won’t be in her office on Sunday, and we’re sending it so it gets read Monday.

Your right, the later we send it Sunday night the closer to the top it will be in her email Monday morning. As always, great idea.

That does open a whole lot more time. What are you thinking? Midnight on Sunday? Oh, three in the morning Monday. I can work with that.

You’re right, with a deadline like that, we don’t really have to start until ten or eleven Sunday night. I never thought of that. Let’s go look at Netflix and see if there is a new series we can mainstream in a day.

But…well, shouldn’t we start doing a little something today?

Sorry, sorry. You’re right, you’re the professional here. I bow to your will. Organizing the towel closet by rainbow color it is!

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