Favorite Things – Moving

Here we find ourselves at day 9 of Nicole’s Virtual Favorite Things Party! Curious? Check out how this all started here. 

One thing we all mentioned among our Favorite Things was moving. Whether it was walking the dog, going for hikes, riding bikes, getting out in a kayak or going for a run…we all moved. Getting out of our house and into nature, even if it’s right out side out own front door, we all took part. 

The human spirit needs to move, its the natural treatment for anxiety. And man did we need to combat that this year. Here are some of the favorite way’s we accomplished “moving” this year. 

-I did more hiking (walking) outside this past year.  Enjoying the outdoors more than I have in many years.  Went camping a couple of time too.  Visited an awesome hot springs that I hadn’t been to in 20 years. Spent time outdoors with my family in Montana, swimming, hiking and Kayaking. I rediscovered what it was like to be out in nature.  The rivers & lakes, camping in the mountains, out in the Owyhee Canyon, dirt biking, hiking a bit in the foothills, learning to play outside again, the simple act of being a bit of a kid again. Allowing myself to PLAY!! -I also learned to play Pickleball which was also another way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends in a safe way!! 

(What is pickleball? https://usapickleball.org/what-is-pickleball/ )

Morning walks with my neighbor Tracey…rain, snow or shine. Jeni:
My running shoes- so I could literally run away from my family. 

-Every morning I say, Lord, this is a day you have made and I will rejoice in it.  It is going to be a good day.  Then I do 20 min of my yoga and stretching. 

-Early on in the year, we went walking, walking, walking.  Then halfway through; it was water aerobics. 

Hikes, walks and more walks – I think I walked the equivalent of the Camino – which has always been on my bucket list. I discovered urban hiking too which is walking all over Boise all day long.

Amy B.:
My many mountain hikes kept me solid. Away and fresh air is great for the soul.

-Also, though I have a wonderful, supportive family, whom I love unconditionally, I have my ballet class. That one thing, that one class that I go to six times a week, reminds me that life is beautiful and it makes me very happy.

-But I’d be remiss if I didn’t call on one last thing that I hold on to so dearly. It’s always within reach because it’s always inside me – my yoga practice. It has molded me into a fine human being that I’m proud of – me.

*Note: This print available here.

As a family, we hiked everywhere (near Salem, Oregon as well as the coast of Oregon.) My son swam in the creeks. It helped ground us and got us out of the house.

During the pandemic, when we were quarantined, we were only allowed to walk around the block. So when it was over, I went running every Sunday. It was cathartic and grounding. Lindsay:
Taking walks and bike rides with my family.

Walking around Stone Mountain Park every morning. Brenda:
There was something so comforting walking around our neighborhood this year, during the troubled times. To see our neighbors and give them a wave, it helped us feel like we were all in this together and looking out for each other.

-My kid and I spent most of the summer swimming in as many rivers and lakes as we could. Our favorite was this place called Sandy Point.
-I started hiking again this fall, getting out on the trails again have helped me go to the place that always feels like home.

-The thing that helped keep me together and grounded the most this past years was my yoga practice. I’ve been lucky enough to come to yoga through larger body women who teach on line. I listened to the messages they shared for my first year of practice. Then the stuff they were saying sank in. For example, when I’m in a pose, one of the teachers I follow says “we’re only going to stay here for five deep breaths, you can do anything for five deep breaths. and while we’re here, what can you let go of?”

This past year, there have been moments when I found I could continue to go forward by just asking myself, what can I let go of?


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