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Day 2 of Nicole’s Virtual Favorite Things Party! Curious about what’s going on? Check out the introduction post here.

Okay, let’s not mess around, let’s talk about food. The first thing we learn to do, after breathing, is to eat. Before we learn to walk or talk, we eat. Is it any wonder they call it comfort food? This past year, when the world seemed so upside down and scary, food brought solace and reassurance. The act of baking has been shown to boost self esteem, quality of life and mood. It can also help us feel closer to our loved ones. Making my mom’s Cranberry Bread made me feel like I was home again. Here’s some of our favorite foods from the past year. Enjoy!


Halloumi grilling cheese – pairs well with Costco wine delivery.


Amy L.:

Nature’s Bakery Pumpkin Fig Bars – 6ct from Target 

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars 


Sour cream.  Why?  Why not, it goes with everything.   It takes me back to my Ukrainian roots where sour cream is the condiment of choice.  Forget ketchup! Sour cream is the bomb!  (do the kids still say that?) 


Basil plants that you get at the grocery store. They come with roots and we put them in mason jars in the window. They smell so good. I have put basil in every food we cooked this year, it adds a sense of sophistication to our food (that doesn’t really exist.)

Chocolate covered peanut clusters from WinCo. Put them in the freezer, it makes them even better!


Sandwiches and potato chips! The PERFECT meal for lunch. Being home more and eating in has become a JOY when you make the most delicious sandwiches. Let me list my top 3 favorites (and seriously I’ve perfected them ALL).

  1.  #1 is the BLT. Toasted sour dough bread, garden fresh tomatoes, thick pepper bacon and lots of mayo and lettuce! Seriously you can eat them all summer long and lots of potato chips make this sandwich so YUM-O!!!
  2. #2. The Tuna melt,  beyond delicious if done right!  Toasted sour dough, Costco white albacore tuna, Best Food Mayo , onions, capers, and delicious Tillamook white cheddar cheese! Oh , BOY!!! Add potato chips and it’s heavenly!
  3. Smoked turkey and pepper jack cheese, toasted sour dough with pepperoncini peppers!Make a delicious sandwich and life is soooo GOOD!!!

(*Note:  I loved this, but I was curious which potato chips?! So I texted Wendy and asked her. She said “Lays Kettle cooked or basic Ruffles…whichever ones are on sale.)


My instant pot saved my butt over and over. My favorite things to make in it: Salsa chicken – 1 jar salsa, 1 can corn, 1 can black beans, a couple pounds of chicken. Set for 120 minutes, shred chicken, stir in a block of lite cream cheese, server over rice or tortilla chips with shredded cheese, cilantro and/or sour cream.


Guacamole salsa by Herdez. It is so amazing!

Cinnamon toast crunch creamer! Add this to your coffee and it tastes like a Cinnamon Dulce latte!Michele

Cooking still makes me happy, and something I still spend a lot of time doing on the weekends… Usually it means no need to really cook during the week, lol! 

 If you really like stinky cheese, this was wonderful! Le Pico soft ripened cheese from Costco.


Milka brand chocolate brownies. Swiss chocolate delicious + best American treat all in one! They are delectable.



Giant Chocolate Chip Crinkle Cookie recipe from the New York Times. Not only does this recipe produce some amazing cookies, it also involves lifting up the cookie sheet and banging it on the rack to create the crinkles. It’s a great stress reliever.


Butterfingers, White Cheddar popcorn and spicy salsas! 


My Favorite comfort foods: Chicken and Dumplings, Chili and Cornbread, and Shepherds Pie.

I love my Tamale Candies.

Carmel Corn from Goodys in Boise or Popcornopolis, but just caramel, no chocolate.


I jumped on the bread baking train in April. I made homemade sour dough starter for two months when stores ran out of yeast. But this was my go to bread recipe. It is easy and made me look like a bread baking queen! And Yes, this is a photo of my bread I made!

Every summer, my two peach trees produce quite the abundance. We ‘swim’ in peaches for the month of August. My favorite recipe was an upside down peach cake. I made a bunch of them!

Here are some other favorite recipes from past get togethers:

One of the most popular is the homemade Irish Cream Michele always brings. So good!

This glorious Blueberry Zucchini Cake with buttercream

The perfect whipped cream and these crepes made with coconut flour, tapioca starch and almond milk. 

(Last Note: The photo of the Charcuterie Board at the top was made by Michele! It was amazing, I suggest everyone make themselves a good Charcuterie Board at least once a year!)

What was your favorite food this year?



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