endThe End.

Good lord that has an amazing ring to it.

Especially when I’ve been writing a book for several months and have continually written myself into corners time and time again. All the time wondered how the hell I was going to tie everything  together.

The End.

Finally, all the hard work and words have come to fruition and built something solid and strong and just downright wonderful.

The End.

There is a sigh of relief in the words. An excitement. A sense of accomplishment.

The End.

There is something that completes me when I type those words. Something hopeful. As a writer, there is a lot of doubt that comes with the territory. So finding inspiration and holding onto it for 90,000 words fights the demons of doubt on many levels.

The End.

Look, there is still a lot of work to do. I’ve got to edit this thing. I’ve got to get my beta readers reading. I’ve got to make sure I’ve captured the heart of the story. I’ve got to submit to agents again and go through that process of putting my everything out there and waiting to find out if this work, if this time there is something here that someone wants to invest in.

But all of that doesn’t matter in these few minutes.

I just typed two little words. I sit back in my chair and wonder how just typing them can make me feel so alive, complete and accomplished.

The End.

I’m going to just sit here a few more minutes and swim around in this wonderful feeling of completing another book.

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