Favorite Things – Woodworkers, Quilters and Crafters, oh my!

Day 4 of Nicole’s Virtual Favorite Things Party. Confused? Check out the introduction here:

So, I am going to put the spotlight on my crafters today! (First, I know the word crafter doesn’t necessarily encompass all the creative things…but for our purposes, let’s just go with it!)

Aside from baking bread and cooking all sorts of comforting foods this year which made grocery stores run out of goods, the fabric stores and Home Depot stores also were running low. 

Many people hammered, sewed, and glued their way through the year. So I asked my quilters, wood workers and crafters if I could share their creations with you. Of course, if they had said no, I probably would have just shared them anyway! Such glorious works. 


One of my favorite things was to sit in my quilt room and reflect on how creative I can be. I made masks for friends and family as well as made dog and cat beds for the humane society out of my quilting scraps.

I made this quilt for my nephew and his wife.
Orange Peony quilt
Christmas Quilt
Halloween Table Runner
For the past five years, while camping, I worked on this Halloween embroidery and I finally finished it this year!


My craft room was my favorite space this year. It has my energy and my stuff. Its my favorite room in my house that helps calm me down and make me happy. 

Fabric and trips to the fabric store also made me happy this year. I have been intrigued with One block wonders*. I have two panels of fabric picked out and ready for when I tackle a one block wonder, but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet. 

I did make 6 quilt tops however. 

*Note: How do you make a “One Block Wonder”?  You place 6 layers of the same fabric on top of each other lining up the patterns exactly, and then cut them into triangles then sew each group of 6 triangles together into a hexagon. You can find more information about that here:


This is the first quilt top I did just for me. The pattern is called Bellagio by Cozy Quilt Designs.
This is my first attempt at applique. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be & was really fun to do.
I had to buy a magazine from 2010 off eBay to get the pattern for this one!


I made this little gnome right after lock down started.
I made these coffee coasters and then my daughter set up her stuffies to keep me company.


She and her husband spent their quality time doing woodwork this year. I asked Michele what she liked about working with wood. She said, “I like the way it smells. I like the way it feels. And I like the inspiration and creation process.

Murphy Bed
We made this sideboard as well as the boxes.


If you know me, chances are I’ve stitched you a pillow or a wall hanging. This year, I found these precious small embroidery hoop stitcheries. Sitting and sewing at the end of the day is a good meditation.

We were in quarantine with my daughter and her family in Italy. I set up her sewing machine in a corner and it was one of the things I was grateful for. I made napkins, pillows, masks and purses out of old jeans for the little ones. 


Talk about people who can craft with anything they find. Celeste does amazing things with cardboard. Celeste loves book How The Grinch Stole Christmas. She turned an entire room of her house into Whoville. I told her I was going to share her work with everyone! 

Cardboard Whoville
wrapping paper Grinch
Cardboard and paper


I learned how to quilt when I wasn’t very interested in learning. But it has become a fun past time. I love pretty fabrics! 

This was just a quilt I made with scraps.
I made this quilt for a friend who wanted something bright!
Playing with wood for Halloween!

Where did your crafting take you this year?


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