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For anyone who cares, and because I need to keep myself accountable I’m a sneeze away from 15,000 words in this month’s challenge to write a book for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) aka 50,000 words.

My characters are in the heart of Egypt and I have been doing ‘just enough research’ to make it sound believable.

In an article I did recently about the history of Boise, I found out from the amazing people here at out Boise City Department of Arts and History that you can go Prints and Photographs section of the Library of Congress website and put in a search, such as Pyramids of Egypt and they spit out a lovely collection they have available online.

I absolutely love looking at the old black and white photos.

If you are bored, have a minute, I highly suggest checking them out!

For now, I thought I would share with you where my characters are roaming about:

Pyramide de Chêops, le Sphynx et le Temple de Chafra, Gyzèh / P. Sebah, Phot.
Pyramid of Cheops, 1850 LC-USZ62-108959
Facade of Great Temple at Abū Sunbul, Egypt Library of Congress LC-USZ62-108984
The Great Pyramid, from the plain
The Great Pyramid, from the plain 1860 LIbrary of Congress LC-USZ62-67482
On camels in front of the Pyramid and Sphinx 1860 Library of Congress LC-DIG-ppmsca-04939
Thebes Egypt 1850 Library of Congress LC-USZ62-108974
Temple of Isis 1850 Library of Congress LC-USZ62-108975

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