Art of life…

IMG_1726I have been tracing the steps of one of my characters. I’ve placed her here in Florence and pulled from my past experiences when it came to the writing. The thing is, I didn’t think I would be back to Italy this soon.

About a month ago I was in the thick of it, writing my little heart out and creating adventures for fictional characters.

IMG_1721Now, however, here I am. Walking in the footsteps of these characters. It’s surreal to say the least. I wrote about the main character standing in the middle of the Piazza Signoria, and the tourists that whirled around her and the stones she stood upon. I stood before the café Giubbe Rosse where she found herself one morning, where I found myself this morning, and watched as the whole scene unfolded. My stomach lurched as I saw her in the moment.

IMG_1718I found more details I need to put in the story. I found more emotion and I found an imaginary character in the streets of Florence. It was that moment where art was imitating life which was imitating art once more.

I am trying to savor my time here, but it’s difficult. I’m on a deadline and there is a need and want to taste everything, touch everything, be in the thick of everything so that, if I need to pull it up later, I have the ability.

But for just one moment, to stand in the presence of my characters as they come to life…are there really any words?IMG_1672

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