So much for those pesky New Year’s Resolutions to write more on the old blog.  So nothing better than  a Valentine’s Resolution.  The holiday is presumably created by greeting card, chocolate and floral companies, so might as well make the day what I would like it to be.

Although, I miss that feeling in the air, when the world as a whole, whether we admit it or not, radiate hope for a new year.  Hope of change, hope of things  getting better, plain old good intentions wafting around are contagious the first week of the year.

Now, those radiations have drifted off like a morning haze and I find that February 14 does not hold the excitement of hope as the new year did.  Granted, there is a lot of excitement of hope in the air, just not the kind I crave at this moment.

So my beleaguered absence is no more.  My resolution to write once a week is reinstated, and I promise I will be a better caretaker to my writing garden hence forth.