Happy-New-Year-Images-To-Share-On-Facebook-On-WallThere are many ways in which the New Year is celebrated.

Some lay in a prone position on the sofa while hangovers dissipate. Others watch parades and attend parades. Some clean the house in a sort of good-bye to the holiday season. And still others celebrate with family and friends over nice meals.

This year, I found a different way to celebrate and say hello to 2016.

It began with waking up and bundling myself against the Idaho cold that we are prone to this time of year. I packed a few things in a bag, gave kisses to my little family and ran out to my friends waiting car.

Exactly one hour later, with bated breath, I stood on the shore of Lucky Peak Lake in minus -5 degree weather, in my bathing suit, as my friend Michele instructed, “Don’t think, just run.”
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