Calliope - Writing Muse


I’ve had company for the past three weeks. I sprained my ankle. The dog chewed up the chord to my laptop. I’ve been sick. I had other things to do. I’m not in the mood. I have a headache…this list of excuses could go on and on.

Some of this is true, most of it is a smoke screen. A litany of excuses.

I haven’t written a blog entry because the muse has left. She packed her bags without so much as a by your leave and took off on vacation. I suppose she headed to a tropical location. Sitting on the beach, her elfish features causing people to stare a little longer than polite. I wonder what kind of problems she is causing. Has she given her mischievous grin that elongates her ears, makes her hair sparkle and her face soften? If she did that while sitting on a beach with a Pina colada in hand, it would be enough to cause hurricane like scenarios. But I’m not blaming her for Hurricane Joaquin, muses don’t cause disasters like that. (I don’t think.) Either way, I don’t imagine she would ruin her vacation.
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