Your author of this weekly blog, ‘The Writing Moose’, was feeling lousy and needed mom, Iza, family ‘Medicine Woman ‘ and so, without being asked first, I decided to step in and write her weekly installment.

Being the family ‘Medicine Woman’ began the day I individually brought all three of my children home from the hospital with cuddling, rocking, and more patience than I thought one woman could ever possess. Within five weeks of our second child’s arrival, he contracted a grave illness, was hospitalized. Never before did I understand the power of Motherhood, and the power that physical touch could have to help heal another human being.  Today my second child thrives, owns a business with his new wife and has blessed us with our first grandchild.

Like so many of you moms, I’ve had my share of projectile vomit ruin a silk blouse, and a ‘yet to be named color’ of watery diarrhea run down the length of my just donned uniform pants on my way to my dental assisting job in the early years.

In those youthful years, all three of my kids continued to thrive physically, mentally, academically, however our refrigerator never ceased to see it’s share of  ‘pink bubblegum flavored’ antibiotics.  From 1979 until I swear 1988 we never had a zero balance with the Pediatrician; I was not only the queen of coupons, meals in under 20 minutes, but of wheeling and dealing with that office manager when it came to making payments on our doctor’s bill.  When we paid it off around 1988 or 1989, we brought a small bouquet of flowers to their office in celebration.

Jumping to the teen years, I came in handy with soothing back rubs, a heating pad, and understanding of mood swings for monthly aches with my girls, a shoulder to cry on when a friendship went awry, a part in a play went to someone else; and with my son a mother’s understanding of angst when he would shout, “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine!”

When they went away to college or moved away from home, they each left with

an individualized ‘medicine kit’ which covered any possible minor or major medical situation. Okay, so the kit was as big as a small suitcase and they griped and moaned. But each child thanked me within a month when they were the only ones prepared for ‘any’ type of minor or major medical situation. They were instructed to bring it home on every holiday so I could ‘replenish’ it. This sounds anal and going overboard, I know, but it did save them a lot of money and I never worried ‘they weren’t prepared’ if they got sick.

I am even known to be seen spritzing a cotton ball with my Giorgio perfume, placing it in a baggie, labeling it ‘essence of mom’ for homesickness and put it in their kit. I wasn’t going to share that private trick, but I think it’s a tender idea.

Now, what’s the deal with ‘Iza?’

Here is how my nickname of “Iza” was given to me.  About the time my oldest moved to Boise, the wonderful author Jean Auel had written five great books, her Earth’s Children series. The story begins with a small child named ‘Ayla’ who was orphaned after a great earthquake, and a Medicine Woman,’ Iza’,  from another ‘clan’ took her in and raised her as one of her daughters, teaching her the medicine woman ways of ‘gathering’ herbs and making healing poultices, and so on.  In 1986 a very very “B” movie ‘Clan of the Cave Bear ‘was produced, fashioned after book one of Jean Auel’s series starring Daryl Hannah. And yes, I had to buy it a few years later at my local Wal-Mart. My girls and I always appreciated and got a kick out of the cave language but in a way we ‘revered’ Iza for her wise ways and knowing just what to do in every medically necessary situation. My kids started jokingly calling me ‘Iza’ when they phoned for their own medical advice.

When I sign my e-mails and letters to my children, giving medical and health advice I often sign : Love, Mom/Iza

Being a lover of books and a follower of Jean Auel, I am anxiously awaiting the sixth installment ‘The Land of the Painted Caves’ in March of 2011 (hint to my children, my birthday month) of her series. She has made us wait a long time.

Simply click on Jean Auel’s name and you can read about her wonderful

Earth’s Children series. You will love it.  As far as the ‘movie’?  Any Wal-Mart should have it now for about $ .99…yep, it’s that good! (go for the books instead)

Have a great week, take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, and be grateful.

Love, Mom/Iza