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Meanderings for a Friday

As this ol blog here is in the position of ‘becoming’ I wonder how much of my random daily thoughts should be shared with the faceless world that might read it.  I am a fan of droning on and on only when it’s my sister I’m talking to, (maybe a few friends as well).  Then again, a blog is a self glorified thing, isn’t it?  It’s a sort of free therapy, it’s Facebook, Myspace, and twitter without the constant updating.   I’m trying to add two stories, thoughts, history lessons a week to The Writing Moose.  Yet, I am at a crossroads.  You see, I raged against getting a cell phone, I was not in the first wave of those who got cell phones, I think I was in the 21st wave really.  I didn’t like the idea of it, I didn’t like that it took away the intimacy of cradling a phone next to your ear while you sit on a comfortable space in your own home and take the time to talk to someone.  I also was angry about email for the longest time.   I am a lover of words, of paper, of ink.  When you sit down to write a letter to a friend you’ve known since second grade, there is just something so wonderful about taking time, stopping the mad twirl of the earth around you and collecting your thoughts to share them with a friend.  I still share a few letters every year with a select few, I miss that process so much.  Hemingway was a great letter writer, he corresponded with hundreds of people, it’s said he wrote over 8,000 letters in his lifetime.  He would spend half of his morning answering letters, writing letters, and in that action, it was a way to gather his thoughts I suppose, to ready himself for writing.

I am an iconoclastic romantic.  I am still not certain if the two go together, but here I am.  In love with a historical world we are so quickly leaving behind, not as eager as others to embrace the future technology, but today I find myself thinking that perhaps this, this blog, these tweets, these Facebooks, are just the 21st century equivalent of Virginia Woolf’s room of one’s own.  I wonder if Hemingway would have embraced email, and if he did, would his letters have been so well thought out, so intimate, so vast.

Allora, for my one fan out there, so that I don’t feel I’ve gipped you in any way as you read my well written ramblings,  here’s a strange fact for you.  “More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call.” (United Nation’s Research Institute for Social Development.)

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  1. Niki,
    I love your blog; it’s like I can hear your voice when I read it. 🙂
    Miss you!

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