I want to start a movement.  This will require no marching, no making of signs, no donations, no pledges.  I’m just thinking I would like to propose a small little movement of happy thoughts.  Now, I know this might sound a little new age ridiculous, but just hang in there with me for a minute while I give you a whole mess of thoughts that, once we twist them all together, will make sense.

The reason for this proposed movement is because of all the negativity that is being shouted at me in my daily life.  We’ve all seen it, news stations thrive on the fear they instill.  Nothing seems to be going right with our economy, and the government has a lot of ironing out to do.  But this is not news to you.

I’m no better.  I’ve lost site recently of what is important, thinking that money is the end all be all of a person.  I’ve taken to adding my own negative ions to the airwaves.  If I were a character in a book, I would be ‘taken to yelling at the sky despondently, ‘Why can’t anything go right for me?!’  Alas, I don’t thrust my fist in the air and make declarations.  Instead I write.

In another life, I was a very positive person.  I’ve been trying to get back to that place, but I fear I am moving more toward cynicism than positivity.  Still, I try.  I remember what it used to feel like to be positive and think good thoughts.  Things worked out for me in that life.

So I was thinking about that life, and what helped.  It sounds childish, but strangely, thinking happy thoughts actually is what helped the most.  (I even have a book on my shelf called 1001 Things To Be Happy About; so I’m not the only one whose thought down this path.)

So I was thinking about my happy thoughts; it seems I have lost them the way Toodles in the movie Hook lost his marbles.  Remember that movie?  “I’ve lost my marbles.”  Toodles says to a non-believing Robin Williams (Peter Pan) who responds, “clearly.”

Toodles finds his marbles by the end of the movie; an actual bag of marbles.   That movie caused me to create my own bag of marbles.  I used a leather pouch that had been purchased in Tijuana when I was younger and dumped my marbles in said bag.  I went a step further, in keeping with wishes and Peter Pan, I used to put wishes on those marbles, take them all out, put them all back in with a wish on each one.  And then I would lose my marbles again until someone made a comment about marbles, then I would remember my own and go find them, and make another pouch full of wishes.

Am I lost on a tangent of writing with no purpose, you are probably asking  yourself right now.  Well, no.  Just hang in there, I’m almost there, to my point.

I don’t know how it seems for others, but for myself and many friends, it seems that nothing is going well.  We have a car that needs $2000 worth of work.  We can’t seem to squeeze enough money out of our paycheck to make ends meet each month, most of the phone calls that come to our phones we hit ‘ignore’ because they are creditors calling, and that ‘hand to mouth’ existence is taking on a whole new meaning.  But still, we’re lucky there are so many people worse off than we are.

I love to hear from my friends, because I think, if things are going good for them, then it means someone is winning.  I can feel better about the rough world we live in right now.  But things aren’t going well for friends.  Cars are dying, salaries are being cut, intelligent College educated friends can’t find work, marriages are tense with fighting, cupboards are bare more often than they are full…

It seems that everyone I know is taking two painful steps forward, doing the right things, working, paying bills, trying to save for houses and colleges and vacations, but ending up three unforgiving steps back.

I keep thinking that even if one good thing happens to someone I know, if they have a ‘win’, then it will be like a ‘win’ for so many of us.

I’m still trying to find the positive and be grateful; but these days it is challenging.

So I got my marbles out tonight and I’m thinking of starting a movement. (Told you I would get to my point.)  How many times do we go to an interview, try to make arrangements with bill collectors, confront a situation that is difficult for us and we say, ‘wish me luck.’

That is what I’m thinking:

While you read this, take one second, and send a good thought my way.  Wish me a fine mood, a free coffee; hell, wish me to turn on the radio right when my favorite song comes on.  Just send me some good vibes.  And now in this second, send some good wishes to those who I know.  In turn, I will wish that anyone who reads this be blessed today.  Even if it is just a smile from a stranger when you need it, a quarter found in a sofa cushion, or a phone call from a friend who makes you laugh; that is what I wish for you right now.

What would it be like if we wished good things for each other?  This might sound fluffy, and might only make it to one person.  But what can it hurt to wish good things for those who need it?  Maybe I’ll gain some perspective on the good that surrounds my life rather than focus on the bad if I spend less time worried about money and more time wishing those near and dear good things.