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Isn’t it funny how many ways you can come up with, when you are in your developmental years, to tell your future?  There was the Ouija board; better suited for scaring yourself and your friends at slumber parties.  There were the coveted, secret tarot cards someone stole from their older, wiser sibling; it’s a shame no one stole the book that told us how to use said cards or what they all meant.  But best of all, there was the one game that you could play anywhere, anytime with your friends in order to predict your completely true and amazing future.  A game called M.A.S.H.  (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House).

If you have ever played this game, it’s coming back to you right now like a tidal wave, huh?  I have not given this game a thought probably since the last time I played it in high school.  I was rummaging through the internet when I came upon one of those ‘Remember the 80’s and 90’s’ photo lists.  There were all sorts of pictures of things, Ferris Bueller, the Rubix Cube, Teddy Ruxpin, Nintendo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, side ponytails, overhead projectors, and M.A.S.H. (Here are two links to ‘blast from the past’ photo list. List OneList Two.)

So let’s tear out a piece of lined paper and hide it under our notebook, and while pretending to take notes, let’s figure out where we are going to live, who we are going to marry, how many kids we’re going to have and what kind of car we’re going to drive.  If you don’t feel like writing it all out, here is a place to play M.A.S.H. on line!

For a quick reminder of how the game is played, it goes like this:  You write down M A S H at the top of the page, on one side you list four ‘guys/girls’ you want to marry.  On the other side you list four cars you want to drive.  At the bottom you put four numbers.  You make slash marks in the middle until a friend tells you to stop.  Say you got 6 marks, then you start to count each item you wrote down, when you get to you 6, you cross out that item.  Continue until you have one item in each category.  And presto, your totally real future awaits you.

I’ve enjoyed this little trip down memory lane so much, I thought I would add a photo list of some of my own favorite 80’s and 90’s items.  Enjoy!

Cyndi Lauper

Making tapes for friends

Jelly Shoes...whose ideas was this?

The side ponytail

Banana Clips

The Original Doritos Bag

And who can forget the lovely Laura Ashley dresses of the decade!

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  1. Still waiting for Lloyd Dobbler… the perfect man. Damn you John Cusack, you ruined me!

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