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In One Week…

Here’s a little blatant self promotion.

If you are in the Boise area, next Thursday, the 5th of August, I am going to have my first Author Reading: “Notes from the Writer’s Den”

When: Thursday August 5th, 2010

Time: 7pm (please be prompt as the reading should only be about 30 minutes long.)

Where: Alaska building, 1020 Main St., Boise, ID, 83730, 2nd floor, room 270

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  1. This is not related to next week’s reading, which by the way, will ROCK!!! Anyone who’s in town and not attending should be FLOGGED. This is just one of those quirky things I wanted to share about The Writing Moose Blog.

    I was just doing some research for a project I’ve got – looking up pricing for pure alcohol in google. I typed ‘alcohol’ into the window, and before I could click SEARCH – it offered some options for me: Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcohol 120, and the Writing Moose Blog. I assume that’s because I’ve recently type the BLOG URL into that window, but it did crack me up!!!

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