My mother, who we all know and love, is always keeping her ear to the ground so she can keep me updated on current trends.  God love her, she just emailed me a topic a friend of hers had heard about and asked me to look it up.  It was too good to pass up.
Picture this:
Your special day, your wedding day.  You’ve had your nails done, your hair curled, styled.  You arrive at the venue of your wedding, all your closest friends are with you as you laugh and joke and begin to pull “THE” dress out of the special garment bag it’s been secreted away in.  Meanwhile family and friends begin to gather in honor of your special day. The candles are lit, the programs are being distributed, and the whole romantic tone you have worked so hard for months to achieve is showing signs of itself.  Somewhere near by, your husband-to-be is nervously pacing, and now, it’s finally time.  You get to pull on your wedding dress, but first, you need to put on your Bridal Diaper….
Wait, excuse me?

I couldn’t believe it myself, so I had to do a little research on line.  According to the Urban Dictionary, as well as many other websites, a bridal diapers is “A diaper that is used when a wedding dress is too big or complicated to easily use the bathroom…Some brides use “depends” others use adult bed wetting diapers. Some dressmakers are making Bridal diapers that match your dress; other shops sell white covers that fit over a disposable diaper.”

The idea really, is to help with accidents, so that while your three brides maids are trying to help you out of a dress that it took twenty minutes to get into in the first place, if you just didn’t start the process in enough time, you won’t have to worry about accidents.

Now, while there are many mentions of the Bridal Diaper on line, I haven’t found anywhere that sells them on line.

I am in awe of this topic, don’t really know what to think, but it has raised a few curious questions, for example, beauty queens, in those big frilly dresses, what do they do?

Hope I’ve entertained, if not given you something to mull over for the last two minutes.