I figured it out, and it was so blatantly obvious all this time.

As a writer, I thought my slow climb to the top had to do with not knowing the right person.  I thought the hundreds of rejections that read ‘we really like your writing style, we just don’t think this particular piece is a good fit for us.  Please send more’ meant just that.  I had this slight twinkle of an idea that I was paying my dues, learning about the craft, trying to make the proper network connections, but alas, with some new found information, I realize my tired writing career was awaiting none of the above.  Those were not the problems that were holding me back.

It turns out this entire time I have been using the wrong writing implements!  I have been using, forgive the pun, ‘man made’ writing tools.  But no more, that ends today!

A friend sent me an article from Jezebel.com about the revolution for women who write everywhere.  A new implement brought to us be those sassy folks at Bic.

What is it I’m talking about, you ask?  Why it’s the ‘Bic for Her’.

Margaret Hartman wrote the article on Jezebel.com about this new Bic for her.  Apparently this pen “is currently only listed under the European name “Cristal For Her” on the company’s website… It seems the pens only comes with black or blue ink, but hopefully Bic will release a version that writes in pink — it makes the hearts above our “i”s look so much better!”

I agree, there are pink pens out there, but they aren’t solely for ‘her’.  According to Bic’s website, the key aspects of this pen is the “tinted barrel (pink, purple, blue, green or orange) thinner for a better handling for women

Until the pens are released in the states, I will continue to feebly try my hand at my writing in this man’s world with tools made for him and hope against hope that Apple is quickly working on a computer for ‘her’ as well.  Lord knows how I’ve survived with these manly laptops these past years.