My sister and I are superheroes….

At least, we think we are.

Here’s the story, New Years 2008, we were at Grandma’s house, singing and eating and celebrating the season like you do.   Grandma loves to decorate, loves to have little party favors out there for people.  This time, she had Mardi Gras masks, the house was also looking lovely, complete with really pretty little burgundy wraps around the chairs in the dining room…And then my sister and I found the wraps, and did what any normal person would…became superheores…caught on camera.

This is normal for us, doesn’t bother us at all that the moment was caught for all time.  Today, I tell you the above story in order to inform you about a web site I found while stumbling around the inter web this weekend: Awkward Family Photos.  Um, more like awesome laugh factory!  I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.  So, in these difficult economic times, click on the link below for some awesomely wonderful cheap entertainment!